My portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio, a selection of some of my proudest works in various fields and styles!

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During the process of developing our game’s world, the need for a good map for both internal and public use became apparent. We chose Eowyn as the artist for this task due to their previous experience, and are extremely pleased with the final results. Despite the numerous revisions and complications of large-scale projects, they handled these difficulties very well and delivered a map that we intend to display for years to come.

Jackson Jewell from Golden Dragon Games (Marcher)

Eowyn was very professional, prompt and a pleasure to work with from start to finish. I knew very little about maps when I approached them, and they were very generous with their time in educating me about how to ask for what I really wanted. The final product was spectacular, and I will definitely be commissioning more work from them in the coming year.

B. Douglass, West Turkey RPG map


An actual historical map of the languages of Scotland I made as a personal project.

This content may be subject to copyright restrictions. For additional details about my creations (or to see more of them!), visit my DeviantArt profile. Big thanks to all the amazing mapmakers who got me so far, especially: Tiffany Munro, Kellerica and Repporio.


I am an electronic and ambient music composer. Most of my “serious” tracks are available on my SoundCloud, but here’s a selection:


For a good preview of my conlanging work, check out Oavanchy!