Who am I?

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My languages

French: native;
English: C2 (EFSET certified);
German: B2;
Spanish: B2;
Esperanto: A2;
Italian: A2;
Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Greek, Na’vi (yes): A1.

My name is Eowyn Cwper /ˈeɪ̯.ə.wɪn ˈkuːpə(ɹ)/. Born in 1998, I lived and grew up in the Loire mountains (which I still live in) where I was fully home educated. This allowed me to find out about my interests fairly quickly and learn how to learn; a passion from which all others followed from.

In 2014, I started to teach myself linguistics. I also started a blog which still takes up a lot of my time. Initially intended for film analysis, it evolved to accommodate my ever-multiplying passions. Since 2018, it is mainly a popular science blog about linguistics where I try to follow in the footsteps of more illustrious knowledge bearers.

Flitting from one discipline to another, rummaging miscellaneously – sometimes briefly but with passion always –, I love to pass on knowledge or stories!

Self-teaching has made me approach and/or experiment, at different levels, disciplines as diverse as writing (creative, analytical, scientific, pedagogical and encyclopaedic), linguistics (in many aspects), translation, conlanging, mapmaking, comics, popular science, SEO, wiki editing and administration, online community management and animation, as well as music, beatboxing, and a bit of meteorology – the science of an elusive, self-renewing landscape.

My pronouns are they/them. If you’re curious, you can question me about that!