Who am I?

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My languages

French: native;
English: C2 (EFSET certified);
German: B2;
Spanish: B2;
Italian: A2;
I can also speak Toki Pona and I’ve studied Esperanto, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Greek and Na’vi.

Hello! My name is Eowyn Cwper /ˈeə̯.wɪn ˈkuːpə(ɹ)/ (they/them). Born in 1998, I grew up (and I still live) in the Loire mountains where I was fully home educated. This allowed me to find out about my interests fairly quickly and learn efficiently from my passions.

In 2014, I started to teach myself linguistics. I also started a blog which still takes up a lot of my time. Initially intended for film analysis, it evolved to accommodate my ever-multiplying passions. Since 2018, it has mainly been a popular science blog about linguistics where I try to follow in the footsteps of more illustrious knowledge bearers. I love passing on knowledge or stories!

I am a French Wikipedia administrator, an online content moderator in several language-learning Discord communities, as well as head moderator for r/French.

Self-teaching has made me experiment, at different levels, with disciplines as diverse as writing (creative, analytical, scientific, pedagogical and encyclopaedic), linguistics (in many aspects), languages (I learn some and create others), translation, cartography and mapmaking, comic making, popular science, editing and administrating wikis, managing and animating online communities, as well as music (composition and production), beatboxing, and some meteorology. I am also interested in human relationships, identity, sociology, anthropology and psychology.

As you can see, I do a bit of everything: my activities and interests mix differently as my moods change, and I could hardly see it any other way! Anyhow, it’s always a pleasure for me to talk about these topics and you’re welcome to contact me and ask any questions. 🙂